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“I simply want to take a moment to say thank you. You have always been honest and helpful to me and I greatly appreciate this. You have been an instrumental teacher and I would like to thank you for your knowledge and time. You are quite unique and I am utterly and selfishly grateful to know you.”
- Senta, author working on her first book

“As usual, you get no argument from me over your recommended edits. You make it look so simple. And your corrections seem so obvious that I find myself repeatedly thinking, now how could I have not written it like that.Thank goodness for experts like yourself.”
- Sergio, working on his first book.

“I like Dan Poynter, but I looooooooveeeee Patricia Fry! She rocks big time! I love her articles and advice. Her articles are gold and she tells it like it is. The lady knows her stuff. She is very helpful and her tips are great for writers. ”
- Stacy, a novelist

“Patricia teaches classes online, and in the summer of 2004, I registered in her Write a Successful Book Proposal, eight-week course. It was one of the smartest things I could have done. In Patricia's class I learned how to do market analysis and create a promotional plan for my book. I also wrote a synopsis, a chapter outline and an autobiographical sketch. While I was doing all this, the most amazing thing happened; my book snapped into focus. Patricia helped me to think through my idea-to understand how it fit into the existing canon of children's nonfiction and to adapt my proposal accordingly. At the end of her class, I had a proposal strong enough to submit to Houghton Mifflin. And by the end of the summer, they had offered me a contract for Tracking Trash. Patricia is a kind and generous teacher and I recommend her books and courses to anyone starting out in the business. If books and classes aren't your thing, check out her publishing blog. You won't regret it.”
- Loree Griffin Burns, author

“I took Patricia Fry's book proposal course. The market analysis accomplished couple of things. It helped me refocus on my title. The new one better represents what the book is bout. Next, seeing what's out there helped expand what I'll include. All in all, this assignment was insightful and very helpful. I also feel stronger about and more committed to my book. Last, it was fun! To others, she says, Patricia Fry is a tough taskmaster who does not sugar-coat the process of writing a book proposal. She knows firsthand that it is hard work. But her logical approach actually forces the hopeful author into realizing, first, if she has a marketable book before investing more time and effort. I enthusiastically recommend Patricia Fry's Book Proposal course.”
- Natalie Miller Rotunda, book proposal course student

“(Regarding "The Right Way to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book") This book deserves to not only be on your bookshelf, but truly on your desktop along with all of your tools of the trade.”
- Kathleen Ewing, freelance writer/author

“Patricia Fry is a writer and professional editor of manuscripts. She helped me tell my story in a way that readers can better understand what I was conveying. She is prompt, efficient, skilled and certainly knows her business. I would recommend anyone who wants to or has written a book to have Patricia edit the manuscript before it is published. Patricia is very personable and creative. Without her help I would be struggling for the proper sentence structure. Also, her books have been a tremendous help to me.”
- Marian Clayton, author of Murder With a Twist.

"Working with Patricia is pure joy. She is always able to add so much value. I cannot even think of publishing a book without her help!! I have recommended her to several authors and everyone says the same thing, 'She is terrific!' "
- Diana S. Zimmerman, author of Kandide and the Secret of the Mists, #4 on Best Seller List

"The first time I saw her work, I knew right away that she's what I was looking for as a copyeditor. She is very, very hardworking and, without exception, a professional lady. I am very satisfied with the results of her work."
- Roy Raynor, author of Chameleon Man.

"I definitely got the green light from the editor of a magazine because of Patricia's excellent coaching. Honestly, I have taken dozens of classes over the years in the academic setting and this was definitely one of the most useful and practical courses."
- Sarah Angela, freelance writer

"The bottom line for me is to become the best writer possible. Patricia has pulled out a stronger voice in me and has shown me how to develop ideas that can be seen by the reader. I have worked with her for years and will continue to do so."
- Paula Spellman, author

"Patricia is the editor for my first book (a work in progress). When she edits a section of my work, she not only offers her suggestions, but she explains the reasons for the changes. I have learned more about writing from Patricia than I ever did in college or graduate school. And she has never made a single negative remark about any aspect of my book. Just the opposite; she builds up my confidence with her praise and belief in my abilities. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Patricia as an editor and as a writing teacher."
- Nancy Revell, high school teacher and author.

"Peter Bowerman suggested I read one of your titles. I read two! The Right Way to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book and How to Write a Successful Book Proposal. I MUST tell that I learned more from these two books in a few weeks than the last year and a half studying the industry. Excellent work!"
- Greg Chatman

"Patricia Fry's assistance to writers is immeasurable. Her skills and expertise provide the finishing touch needed to attract the attention of publishers. And, after using many of Patricia's suggestions, I received a favorable response from the first publisher I contacted. I can't recommend Patricia highly enough."
- Denise Fawcett Facey, Client

"I'm absolutely thrilled with what we've produced. You helped make it shine! I look forward to keeping in touch and working with you in the future."
- Adele Nieves, Client
Liquid Words Productions

"Patricia Fry is the most professional editor/book doctor I have ever had the pleasure to learn from. Her objective is to train her writers to create manuscripts that are polished and professional. She doesn't just make changes, she makes the changes matter. I loved the way Patricia helped me to organize my chapters for a "flow" that makes more sense to the reader. My text became so much richer with her help. I have so much more confidence in my manuscript now! She's simply the best out there."
- Debbie Puente, Author

"Thank you for the remarkable work you have done to help me with my book. I have enjoyed learning from you as you edited my book, particularly the proper use of the English language. It has been an intensive course and a lot of fun!"
Lydia Silvestry, Author
Lydia Silvestry's Beauty Secrets

"Thank you for all of the information and coaching you gave us at the writers' conference (at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo). I have your brochure and will give a copy to a friend who is focusing on her writing career... and I will tell others about you.

I really want to congratulate you on your writing career and thank you for sharing and inspiring so many others,"
My best,
Susan Florence

"Your comments were more than helpful. You have helped me immensely by cutting away all of the what ifs and what nexts."
Thank you,
Yvonne Scott

"Thank you so much for the wonderful review. Getting a review from you for a book like mine is better than getting one from the New York Times. I'm honored."
Mark Levine, Author
The Fine Print

"I loved your blog entry on establishing a platform. It certainly inspired me and opened up for me some areas that had been unclear–perhaps the source of some of my procrastination. I now see that I need to do further work on my platform. I think I have a good start, but I will feel more confident after following some of your suggestions to bolster my platform. Thank you for your help with my proposal and for your ongoing help in the form of your blog."
Cindy Province

"I really value your insights. You discovered areas of organization (in my book manuscript) I would never have realized.
Thanks for all of your help."
Joyce Harris, Author
The Triumph of Faith Over Loss
From the Journals of Joy and the Heart of Her Mother

"I have reached a verbal agreement with Houghton Mifflin and am now waiting for the formal contract to arrive. The editor told me that they were overwhelmed with the detail I had given to the project and that it was these materials (the book proposal) that convinced them to acquire the book. The class truly helped me focus on my project and sell my first book. Thanks to you for helping me to be so prepared."
- Loree

"The first agent I contacted looked at my proposal and accepted it. Your assistance on the proposal, no doubt, proved to be invaluable and I am completely grateful. I cannot thank you enough. Your support and feedback made a huge difference."
- Danny Brassell

"I recommend Patricia Fry as a writer or editor for any project where clear and concise writing, attention to detail and timeliness are critical.""
- Debbie Horn, Manager, Education and Club Administration
Toastmasters International

"I recommend Patricia Fry as a researcher/writer for any project in which she is interested as I found her to be a talented writer who is highly organized and has a good sense of follow through."
- Michael D. Hermes, President
Ojai Valley School
"Patricia Fry taught a terrific book proposal class. It clarified how to create and polish all the necessary components of a proposal. She was consistently dedicated and helpful, always attentive to my writing needs. Now I eagerly look forward to submitting the manuscript and am far more confident that, with Patricia's good advice, the book will become a reality."  
"Thank you for your good work. It reads much better."
- Roberta Carasso, Ph.D. is the author From Mud Pie to Masterpiece: Children's Sculptural Development. Dr. Carasso is a published art critic and has a weekly column, Art Waves, in the Laguna New Post. She also writes for ArtScene, ArtWeek, Sculpture Magazine, Ceramics Monthly and Irvine World News.
"I recently had the opportunity to work with Patricia Fry on marketing my children's Christmas book, Tinker's Christmas. Patricia is so very good at what she does, is such a good consultant and has given me a wealth of information to assist me in my endeavors. Marketing and promoting my book had become a tremendous burden to me because I was lost as to what I should be doing. I was doing a little bit of everything and not concentrating or following through on any of anything. Patricia helped direct and define a focus for my future efforts. Between Patricia's consultation and Dan Poynter's seminars, the two of them may make a successful writer out of me in spite of my efforts. I just wanted to share my experience with the group in case there are others are there who may need the same type of help. I unequivocally recommend it.
Thank you!"
- Sande Cropsey

"Patricia Fry is an amazing editor and person."
- Gary Spivey, author of Your Keys to Heaven (G. S. Limited, Inc., 2006)

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